Results of Revolution Live 4/22

Results from Revolution Live 4-22:
Bobby Wayne Truemark called out the locker room to give information to the Warriors. He let them know that weapons are usable, as if they were in a barroom brawl. They can pin outside the ring, if they have enough to get one during the 10 count. And, laying it down as if law, they don’t start fighting until the bell rings. If they attack before hand they get disqualified.
The first match pit the Bourbon Street Brawler Jeremy Awesome vs the Man In Black Chris Nelms. Nelms won by assisting the ref with the 3 count, claiming the 2 points for himself.
Next was some tag team action of the Dirty Blondes vs the Dogs of War. The fight was dirty, as both teams took advantage of the weapons rule. The Blondes took the win, but the crowd favored the Dogs. 4 points for the Blondes.
The Main Event pit the King of the Dead Brad Savage against the King of the South, The Southern Gangster Francisco Ciatso. Calling for respect due to him throughout the match, Ciatso fell to the Savage one thanks to assistance from a chair shot. 2 points towards the King of The Dead.
Somehow, I don’t think that’s over.

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